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Jet Airways
The Genesis:
4 Boeing aircrafts, 24 flights serving 12 destinations was all that Jet Airways began its journey with, into the beckoning blue sky back in the year 1993. Comparatively, Jet Airways perhaps has had the most humble beginnings in the Indian Aviation industry with no big-wigs or big money cushioning its launch. Today after 13 years of its establishment, Jet Airways is undoubtedly the most preferred airline in the nation. Jet Airways is now a public company with 20% of its shares traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange. It currently controls about 40% of India’s Aviation market.
Jet Airways was the first private sector airline company to fly to international destinations. The figures have risen to 53 aircrafts, 300 flights serving 45 destinations. Their International destinations include Colombo, Kathmandu, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and London’s Heathrow airport. Jet Airways also has international services to these destinations operating from Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai.

Discounted airfares to domestic destinations and punctuality of flights are the two most significant attributes of Jet Airways that makes it finest and the most preferred in the nation. Jet Airways is also touted as a potential future member of the OneWorld Alliance which is the third largest worldwide airline alliance. Jet Airways also has commercial agreements with many international airline companies like British Airways, Lufthansa, Qantas, Gulf air, Thai among others which facilitates them to provide easier and more flexible deals to their customers. For more details logon to: