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Go Air
The Genesis:
Established in June 2004 by Jeh Wadia of the Wadia group, Go Air launched operation with 20 leased aircrafts. Mumbai based-Wadia group is comprises majorly of owners from Bombay dyeing and Britannia industries. Jeh Wadia had a clear and conducive vision for Go Air. He aimed at commoditizing air travel as airline is a low cost carrier and providing air travel service at marginally higher train rates across the country.
Go Air operates across 15 destinations and does not fail to constantly enthrall passengers with its famous business model called ‘punctuality, affordability and convenience' model. Go Air currently operates with 4 self-owned Airbus aircrafts and shall be adding on another 40 new aircrafts to its base. Maintaining state-of-the-art Airbus aircrafts, delicious cuisine, consistent quality, assured class and time efficiency are characteristics that have come to sound synonymous to Go Air. For more details logon to: